Our values

An effective and efficient service to sell and distribute tickets, characterized by security, speed, simplicity, ease, control and savings when buying and selling tickets.

  1. The speed and simplicity of buying/selling is an important point to take into account. At Talonarium we have an attractive interface designed to streamline all event management and ticket sales by requesting the minimum necessary data in a very intuitive way.
  2. The buying / selling process should be easy and simple, so at Talonarium we have dedicated a lot of time and knowledge to develop a simple app accessible to both advanced and novice users.
  3. But undoubtedly one of the strongest points in any process is savings and control, and with Talonarium these processes are part of the philosophy for which it was created.
  4. Give freedom by allowing payments to be made through the system desired by the organizer, adapting to their needs and independently of the ticketing system.

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