The history of ticketing

The history of ticketing: "From ticket booths to online platforms"

From the first ticket sales systems at ticket booths to today's modern digital platforms, ticketing has evolved a lot over the years. As technology has advanced, there has also been an increase in environmental awareness and sustainability.

Environmental awareness is the concern and care for the environment and natural resources, and sustainability is the ability to maintain a balance between economic development and the protection of the environment and natural resources. Both concepts have been a concern throughout the history of humanity, though to different degrees and at different times. Over time, environmental awareness and sustainability have gained importance.

This is why ticketing platforms have also been able to evolve thanks to new technologies. At Talonarium, we do not use paper; we minimize our impact on the environment, conserving natural resources and contributing to a more sustainable future. We prioritize digital delivery for tickets or invitations. Instead of sending printed tickets, which generate waste and have an environmental impact, either in transportation or paper, we offer the possibility for attendees to download their tickets directly to their mobile phones or computers, or for organizers to send them from our application.

In summary, ticketing, like in many other sectors, has been forced to evolve towards a more sustainable and environmentally aware world, where Talonarium is fully adapted and ready to continue evolving.

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