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What is Talonarium?

Talonarium is a marketplace initially developed for artists, but at the moment it is suitable for everyone as it offers endless uses.
Integrated qr code scannerIntegrated qr code scanner

Do you need to sell and validate tickets in a very agile and organized way for exclusive events?

Are you planning to organize a celebration, concert, party, show, visit or any other type of event that requires control of tickets, whether paid or invitations?

Do you want an app to control your events and without intermediaries?

If so, this is your app!
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What can you do with Talonarium?

Boost Sales with Yours

Boost Sales with Yours

Add participants to help you sell and validate tickets. We offer the option to sell tickets in person or through our website by sharing your events with unique links or QR codes.
Take Complete Control of your Events

Take Complete Control of your Events

Always we notify you in real time of what happens with your events. You can also check all the tickets sold, capacity, benefits and other details.
Distribute and Sell Tickets Massively

Distribute and Sell Tickets Massively

With our system for massive ticket sales, you can generate and distribute a large volume of tickets automatically.
Your Events in Our Showcase!

Your Events in Our Showcase!

Publish your events in our web showcase to significantly increase their visibility and your profits.
Set Up Multiple Sessions for Your Events

Set Up Multiple Sessions for Your Events

Optimize the organization of your recurring event by creating customized sessions on the dates you need.
Communicate with Your Attendees

Communicate with Your Attendees

We believe that communication is crucial. Keep your attendees informed and updated with the latest news about your events!
One QR Code, Multiple Accesses

One QR Code, Multiple Accesses

Set up and validate multiple accesses integrated into a single ticket. For example: VIP zone, parking, consumptions...
Create Your Promotional Codes

Create Your Promotional Codes

Offer exclusive discount codes for your events and attract a larger audience.
Organizer Page

Organizer Page

Every organizer has their page with all their published events. Share it and boost your sales!
Free design tickets

Free design tickets

You put the design and we add the QR code in the area that best suits you. We also offer you other design options and a template in case you decide to work it on the pixel.
We are evolving

We are evolving

We are a professional and involved team that actively listens to the possible improvements that users send us.
Free planPremium plan
Total eventsUnlimitedUnlimited
Total participants in organizer groupUnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple sessions per eventUp to 3 sessionsUp to 100 sessions
Manual sell from app
Sell from web
Publish events on our showcaseUnlimitedUnlimited
Online POS integrationRequires technical knowledge
Automatic payments with Stripe
Embed events on your website
Massive ticket sellRequires technical knowledge
Price categories
Entries multivalidationValidating tickets
Promo codes
Maximum event capacity50010.000
Share ticketsDownload linkDownload link and PDF
Ticket books
Send communications
Export ticket data to Excel
Ad-free app
Tickets without Talonarium tag
Statistics and relevant data
* The free plan has no time limit.
* Premium subscriptions can be monthly or annual.
* Prices vary based on period, platform, and country.

And more than that...

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Free 7 days of premium.
Earn and redeem points for premium time.
Languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan.
Platforms: Android and iOS.
Good assistance: social networks or email.
No intermediaries.
Real-time notifications.
Supported currencies:
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