Online manual payments

Talonarium is proud to offer a manual online payment option, carefully designed to give you greater flexibility and control in managing your event payments. This alternative, apart from the sale in hand (from the same app), is specially designed for those organizers who want to sell online and avoid the charges associated with traditional Point of Sale Terminals (POS), agreeing on the best form of direct payment. Here's how manual online payments work and how they can benefit attendees and organizers.

What are manual online payments?

Manual online payments are an option available to you in Talonarium without the need to be Premium, and that allows you to process attendee payments in a non-automatic way. Unlike traditional POS transactions, where fees apply, manual online payments allow organizers more control over the payment process. Although the only additional requirement is for the client to make the payment manually and external to the platform, these payments can still be integrated effectively into your event planning process.

This is the flow of manual online payments in Talonarium

  • Ticket Request: The attendee starts the process by completing a form directly on the event web page, selecting the desired tickets and providing the necessary information.
  • Payment Instructions: Once the ticket request is complete, the attendee receives a detailed email containing precise instructions on how to make the payment. These instructions should be clear and concise, ensuring that the manual payment process is smooth and hassle-free.
  • Notification to the organizers: The administrators of the organizing group receive an immediate notification alerting them to the existence of an order pending confirmation of payment. This feature ensures that organizers are aware of payments that need to be validated.
  • Making the payment: The assistant makes the payment according to the indications provided by the organizer. This allows greater flexibility for the attendee, as they can choose payment methods that best suit their preferences.
  • Payment validation: Once the payment has been confirmed by the organizer, it proceeds to validate the payment. Once validated, the attendee automatically receives the tickets purchased via email. This validation process ensures that attendees only receive their tickets once payment has been successful.

Advantages of this modality

  • More benefits: Organizers can avoid the fees associated with traditional POS, allowing them to get more benefits.
  • Flexibility: Attendees have the flexibility to choose the payment method that best suits their preferences and needs.
  • Transparent process: Detailed instructions and seamless communication ensure both attendees and organizers are on the same page at every stage of the checkout process.
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